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    Neutrogena Targets Blackheads with this Coconut-free Acne Serum

    Neutrogena is a Johnson & Johnson brand, one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world. Their products are immensely popular and can be found in your drugstores and supermarkets. They have a wide range of products and just about all of them contain coconut or a coconut derivative. Good for them! Coconut is an amazing product in skin care. After all, it makes their products creamy, foamy, and moisturizing. Unfortunately for those of us with coconut allergies, we are unable to use such products. However, today we are happy to share with you Neutrogena’s coconut-free acne serum that is formulated to clear blackheads. What are blackheads? They look like…

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    These Coconut-free Toners from Humane Help Fight Acne

    When you have a coconut allergy and unknowingly use skin care products that contain coconut, it often causes a rash on your face that looks like acne. It can be a real bummer. As you switch over to products without coconut, your skin may clear up but you can nonetheless suffer from normal acne. Still a bummer. That’s where Humane’s coconut-free toners step in. Not only are Humane’s Clarifying Toners coconut-free, but they are formulated in a way that help you combat acne. These toners contain salicylic acid, which exfoliates your skin, ridding it of dead skin cells. Salicylic acid reaches deep into your pores to clear them out, which…

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    COSRX Coconut-free Acne Patches

    What can ruin your day faster than a new pimple? Maybe poking at it, which just makes it even larger and redder. Or perhaps treating it with something that causes you to have an allergic reaction. How could something like that happen? If you have a sensitivity to coconut, it’s difficult to find skin care products that don’t contain coconut or coconut derivatives. Then when you have a spot on your face, you’re extra susceptible – desperate in your desire to get rid of it and vulnerable to how your skin will react to a product you only need every now and then. Worst case scenario you use a product…