maple bark in coconut-free eye cream

UpCircle Beauty Coconut-free and Palm-free Eye Cream

Those of us with coconut allergies appreciate it when a brand has a few products that don’t contain coconut or its derivatives. That’s why we’re happy to see UpCircle Beauty back again in the Sensitive Skin Oasis. UpCircle Beauty is a UK-based brand that is vegan, organic, cruelty free, palm oil free, and sustainable. Previously we featured their cleansing balm and their coffee serum, both of which are coconut free as well. This time, UpCircle Beauty is taking on those annoying dark under eye circles with their coconut-free eye cream.

UpCircle Beauty, like all of us, has seen the waste created by industries. They make their award-winning products in a creative way by upcycling industry by-products that would normally be wasted. UpCircle Beauty uses their creativity and innovation to transform those ingredients that would otherwise be discarded – along with all the potential inside of them. As a plus, their packaging is fully recyclable. UpCircle really walks the walk.

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Ingredients your under eyes love

This coconut-free eye cream uses coffee oil made from coffee grounds that UpCircle Beauty has upcycled. The UK throws away half a million tons of used coffee grounds annually. The brewing of the coffee did not remove all the goodness from the grounds.

UpCircle Beauty collects coffee grounds from coffee shops in London to make their coffee oil.

Coffee oil in coconut-free eye cream

Coffee oil is full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavonoids. The caffeine from the coffee in this eye cream boosts collagen, constricts blood vessels to reduce redness, and minimizes fine lines. It also brightens your skin by lightening those dark under eye circles, making it look you had a good night’s sleep.

There are many ingredients in this eye cream that will have a visible effect on your eyes. The hyaluronic acid in the eye cream plumps up the skin. When paired with the coconut-free glycerin, hyaluronic moisturizes the skin making it look younger. Then there is the upcycled maple bark extract, a by-product from the wood industry. Maple bark’s anti-inflammatory properties are what tired puffy eyes need. It’s just a fact that all of us are constantly losing collagen. Sadly, collagen loss leads to wrinkles. Thus, maple bark extract, a collagen booster, is a welcome ingredient in this eye cream.

Incorporate this coconut-free eye cream in your routine

Apply UpCircle Beauty’s eye cream before applying moisturizer all over your face in the morning and before bed. The bottle has a pump so getting the right amount onto your finger is easy. Then dab it in using your finger. Since the skin under your eye is so sensitive, it doesn’t need to be rubbed in very hard. To keep yourself from going overboard, try using your ring finger to rub it in since it’s weaker compared to your other fingers.

What is your favorite UpCircle Beauty product? Do you have another coconut-free and palm-free eye cream that you think is better? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • Phyllis M Wiggins

    Thank you for doing this research and making it accessible to everyonel I’ve suffered for years from chemical-like burns on my skin and scalp from coconut oil in products. I’ve begged doctors for lists of products I could safely use and the terms I should look for in the products I buy. I’ve always been told that is too much work and I just have to be careful. I am currently taking medication because I was exposed to something this summer that caused major damage to my skin and I had to be treated in an Emergency room. Even after a biopsy, specialists still don’t know what caused the problem and I’m always itchy and uncomfortable because I discover the products I rely on have coconut oil in them somwhere. I’m getting older and it’s harder to read products that print their ingeredients small and in white or gold lettering on white or gold bottles I feel betrayed by both my body and the industry. Your list helps me a lot!!

    Thank you!

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